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Why Yugen Care?

Yugen Care is redefining beauty, anti-aging, and wellbeing in the Middle East and beyond by offering exclusive concepts. We offer an extensive range of surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic and medical procedures designed to enhance your physical appearance, health optimization, and wellbeing. 

Yugen Care integrates state-of-the-art technology with results-driven aesthetic solutions. We are committed to building a relationship of mutual trust by listening to your needs and providing highly personalized treatments that best suit your desired goals.

We understand that everyone is different and that the aesthetics and wellness landscape have evolved. We create exceptional practice by staying up to date with our industry development. We have created a revolutionary journey that enhances beauty and health from the inside out, leading our clients at every step of the way

"Defining the next generation in Beauty, Wellness and Vitality Optimization"

What We Do?


Yugen Care offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical body and facial rejuvenation treatments, all of which are customized depending on individual requirements. If you want to restore your skin elasticity or reduce and even eliminate any kind of skin irregularities, we can find the most convenient way to enhance particular areas of your face and body. Our eminent doctors can easily determine which therapy or combined treatments can help you improve your skin’s health and maintain a youthful appearance.

Inner Beauty

We recognize the importance of feeling good on the inside to look good on the outside. We offer customized health and aesthetic treatments that prioritize your overall wellbeing and health from the inside out. The options are endless, so let’s reveal your true, inner beauty!

Health Optimization

We developed the unique method of highly personal consultations given a specific goal and eventual set of constraints. Our systematic approach to identifying the best solution for any requirements is based on your overall health and wellness, which is our first and foremost priority.


We provide a variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures designed to help you prevent and delay the signs of aging. If you want to turn back the aging clock and choose the best solution for your smoother and tighter skin - Yugen Care is here to help you!

Toxin Elimination

Toxin accumulation can over time disrupt the body’s natural physiological functioning. Many skin disorders and irregularities can be an indication of poor toxin elimination. Yugen Care will determine a toxin elimination plan that best suits your needs.

Boost Imune System

A strong immune system can also have a significant impact on your physical beauty. If you want to revitalize your body from within, support immune function or increase your energy and endurance - Yugen Care is proud to offer you personalized treatments that will enhance your beauty and overall health.


Yugen Care has a comprehensive approach to longevity by customizing different test analysis and identifying wellbeing treatments that can extend your lifespan. To fully thrive is to feel Yugen!

Weight Management

Whether you want to make long-term lifestyle changes or slight habit adjustments, and even if surgery is not your choice, our highly experienced team of professionals offers personalized treatments to individuals who want to re-shape their body and change their lifestyle. Get started today!

Peak Performance

Our lifestyle approach and surgical and non-surgical procedures provide you all the assets needed to have a peak performance in any are of your life and business. Strength, stamina, willpower, everything is on your disposal.

Disease Prevention

Health screening is always the most effective way of keeping track of your health. Yugen Care’s state-of-the-art analysis technique is able to help you identify and manage potential disease before the symptoms appear.

Our Mission

Bring together globally recognized beauty, health and wellbeing optimizing services, professionals and the latest cutting-edge anti-aging concepts under one roof to offer unparalleled, result driven services that nature clients to look and feel good from the inside out. Our vision is to redefine beauty, anti-aging and wellbeing in the Middle East and beyond.

Our Core Values


The time is always right to do what is right.​


Success is about having. Excellence is about being.​


No alarm clock needed. My passion awakes me.​


Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.​


When we start a way, we go all the way and finish strong.​


It is not enough to be busy. The aim is what are we busy about.​


Knowledge is our power.​


Be Different


Duty First

One for All, All for One

Look better. Feel better. Feel Yugen.

What is the meaning of Yugen?

This is the awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words to describe. 

Yugen means ‘the mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe’, an important concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics, embodying all what is beautiful, tasteful and profound. We strive to apply this term in each and every one of our patients and team members.

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