Dr. JSK Blooming Cleansing Cream 500ml

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Indulge in the luxurious care of Dr. JSK Blooming Cleansing Cream in a generous 500ml size. Crafted to elevate your skincare routine, this cream cleanser offers a pampering experience while effectively removing impurities and makeup, leaving your skin refreshed and nourished.

Infused with a delicate blend of botanical extracts, this creamy cleanser gently dissolves makeup, pollutants, and excess oil without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Its rich, velvety texture glides smoothly, providing a spa-like cleansing ritual that purifies while maintaining the skin’s hydration.

More than just a cleanser, this Blooming Cleansing Cream delivers a revitalizing touch. Enriched with antioxidants and soothing ingredients, it rejuvenates tired skin, leaving it feeling supple and radiant after each use.

Suitable for all skin types, this cream-based cleanser caters to sensitive skin as well, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleanse. With a substantial 500ml size, it offers long-lasting daily care, making it a practical addition to your skincare regimen.

Elevate your cleansing routine with Dr. JSK Blooming Cleansing Cream 500ml. Embrace the nourishing touch of this indulgent cleanser and unveil a renewed, radiant complexion with every wash.

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