Comprehensive Bladder Stone Treatment at Yugencare

Bladder stones are crystallized deposits that form in the bladder, causing discomfort and urinary issues. At Yugencare, we specialize in providing advanced treatments and personalized care for bladder stones, ensuring effective management and relief for patients.

Understanding Bladder Stones:

Bladder stones develop when minerals in the urine crystallize and form hard masses in the bladder. These stones vary in size and may cause symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, difficulty urinating, frequent urination, and blood in the urine.

Symptoms and Diagnosis:

The presence of bladder stones often leads to symptoms such as pain in the lower abdomen, difficulty in urination, or recurrent urinary tract infections. Diagnosis involves a physical examination, imaging tests like ultrasounds, X-rays, or CT scans to visualize the stones in the bladder.

Treatment Options for Bladder Stones:

The treatment of bladder stones depends on their size, number, and the patient’s overall health condition.

  1. Lithotripsy: Utilizing shock waves, lithotripsy breaks down bladder stones into smaller pieces, facilitating their passage during urination.

  2. Cystolitholapaxy: This minimally invasive procedure involves using a scope inserted into the bladder to crush and remove stones.

  3. Surgical Removal: Larger stones may require surgical removal through a procedure known as open cystolithotomy.

Expert Care at Yugencare:

Our team of urologists and specialists at Yugencare provides personalized care and employs advanced techniques to effectively manage bladder stones. We prioritize patient comfort, quick recovery, and minimize the risk of recurrence.

Prevention and Follow-up Care:

Preventing bladder stones involves staying well-hydrated, maintaining a healthy diet, and addressing underlying conditions that contribute to stone formation. Following treatment, regular check-ups and lifestyle adjustments are crucial to prevent the recurrence of bladder stones.


At Yugencare, we understand the challenges caused by bladder stones. Trust our expertise and advanced treatments to address bladder stones effectively, providing relief and restoring optimal bladder health.

Contact us for thorough evaluations and personalized treatment plans tailored to manage bladder stones and ensure a healthier bladder.

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