Dr. Daad Al Taani’s General Surgery Practice in Dubai

Excellence in Surgical Expertise and Compassionate Care by a General Surgeon in Dubai

Dr. Daad Al Taani, a certified surgeon with extensive experience, embodies excellence in general surgery, specializing in a diverse spectrum of surgical procedures. Renowned for her dedication to precision and patient well-being, Dr. Al Taani is recognized for her expertise in anorectal diseases, breast diseases, and various surgical interventions.

About Dr. Daad Al Taani: General Surgeon in Dubai

Dr. Daad Al Taani graduated from Damascus Medical School in 2009 and pursued excellence by obtaining a master’s degree in general surgery. As a certified surgeon, she brings over a decade of comprehensive experience in general surgery to her practice.

Expertise and Specializations

Dr. Al Taani specializes in diagnosing and treating anorectal diseases with cutting-edge technology, early detection and treatment of breast diseases, surgical interventions for skin and soft tissue masses, hernia surgery, digestive & laparoscopic surgery, and thyroid gland surgery.

Dedication to Surgical Excellence

Having served as a general surgery specialist at Al Mouwasat University Hospital, Dr. Daad Al Taani supervised medical students and surgery residents. Her commitment to advancing her skills is evident through memberships in professional associations and active participation in conferences and specialized courses, particularly in advanced anal surgery.

Compassionate Care and Precision

Dr. Al Taani’s surgical approach is characterized by compassion and precision. Her dedication to providing the highest quality care to her patients, combined with expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide array of surgical conditions, underscores her commitment to surgical excellence.

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