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Yugen Care Referral Cards

What are the Referral Cards?

Yugen Referral Cards (YRC) are one of our ways to make our clients happy and also give them a chance to make their friends and relatives happy as well.

You will get a Yugen Care Referral Cards Pack which has 7 of them. You can share them with 7 of your closest people. 

If any of them book an appointment at Yugen Care, they will receive 5% dicsount of the price of the service they use.

You will get get a 5% cash back in your Yugen Care profile as an expression of gratitude from our side.

How to get a Referral Cards Pack?

In order to obtain a pack of 7 referral cards, you need to visit Yugen Care clinic.

Our floor manager will give you the pack. each card has an unique serial number.

Now you can call your closest relatives and share the cards with them.

How the process works?

When any of your referrees makes an appointment at Yugen Care and uses the service, he or she will get a 5% discount of the price of the service.

Immediately, your Yugen Care account will receive 5% cash back, which you can use in any of your next visits at our facility.

Each cash back amount is valid for 6 months from the date of initiation.

Our Partners

Claim Your Referral Discount​

If you already have a referral card, handed over to you by a friend or colleague, you can claim your 5% discount. Make your booking with adding the name of the person who shared Yugen Care referral card with you and put your card’s unique serial number in the field below. 

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