Short Penile Frenum

Yugen Care recognize the profound impact a short penile frenum can have on your life. Our dedicated medical team is committed to providing top-notch care, empowering individuals to overcome the constraints of this condition and rediscover confidence and comfort.

Understanding Short Penile Frenum

What is a Short Penile Frenum?

A short penile frenum, or frenulum breve, is characterized by a band of tissue beneath the penis that is shorter than usual. This condition can lead to discomfort, pain during intercourse, and may impact overall sexual satisfaction.

The Impact on Daily Life

Individuals with a short penile frenum may face challenges during intimate moments, affecting both physical and emotional well-being. Yugen Care understands the importance of addressing these concerns with precision and care.

Yugen Care: Redefining Confidence and Comfort

Our Approach

Yugen Care prioritizes patient comfort and confidence. Our seasoned medical team utilizes cutting-edge techniques to address short penile frenum, ensuring minimal discomfort and a swift recovery.

Why Choose Yugen Care for Short Penile Frenum Surgery in Dubai?

  • Expertise: Our team of skilled urologists specializes in the treatment of short penile frenum, providing a personalized and expert approach.

  • Cutting-edge Technology: Yugen Care invests in the latest medical technologies, ensuring surgeries are performed with precision, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

  • Compassionate Care: We understand the sensitive nature of these procedures and provide compassionate care, creating a supportive environment for our patients.

The Yugen Care Experience


Embark on your journey with a comprehensive consultation at Yugen Care. Our medical experts will assess your condition, discuss treatment options, and address any concerns you may have.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Yugen Care believes in personalized care. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your unique needs, ensuring optimal results and a comfortable recovery.

Surgical Excellence

Experience surgical excellence at Yugen Care. Our surgeons are leaders in the field, utilizing innovative techniques to address short penile frenum with precision and minimal invasiveness.

Postoperative Care

Your well-being doesn’t end with the surgery. Yugen Care provides comprehensive postoperative care, ensuring a smooth recovery process and long-term satisfaction.

Regain Confidence, Rediscover Intimacy

Choose Yugen Care for short penile frenum surgery in Dubai and take the first step towards regaining confidence and rediscovering the joy of intimate moments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your transformative journey with Yugen Care.

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