Y Priority

Experience exceptional benefits tailored for our valued Priority Y clients.

Priority Y Exclusive Offers:

1. Cash Benefits

  • 500 AED Cash: Use 500 AED towards any procedure at Yugen.
  • Referral Rewards: Refer a client and receive 250 AED credited to your account.

2. Discounted Services

  • 10% Off Services: Enjoy a 10% discount on any service from its original price, with the discounted amount credited to your account.
  • 5% Off Offers: Avail a 5% discount on offers, with the discounted amount credited to your account.

3. Special Benefits for Discount Card Holders

  • 20% Discount Card Holders: Clients with a 20% discount card (Faaza, Esaad, etc.) in this category receive additional perks.
    • 500 AED Credit: Receive 500 AED to use at Yugen.
    • Referral Bonus: Get 250 AED for referring a new client.
    • 5% Off Offers: Enjoy a 5% discount on offers, credited to your account.

Embrace Priority Y Status!

Elevate your experience at Yugen with exclusive benefits designed just for you. Embrace the Priority Y status and unlock a world of luxury and savings.

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